OptiLogix is proud to be fully dedicated to the development and manufacturing of Voice Recording hardware products and offers the broadest product portfolio in the industry with the smallest form factors, lowest power consumption and highest reliability by design and we therefore offer a full two year warranty on all our products.

This combined with the best and most responsive technical support, competitive pricing and exclusive dedication to Call Recorder design and innovations, makes OptiLogix the highly appreciated long-term partner to many OEMs around the world.

OptiLogix offers a unique one-stop-shop product capability that covers the functionality of all the combined voice recording specific products that are offered by individual vendors like Aculab, Ai-logix, Audiocodes, Cybertech, Dialogic, Digium, Eletech, Innoventif, Pika, Retell, Sangoma and Synway (of which some of them are already out of business).

OptiLogix, V32 DSP, HyperPCI, HyperXpress, HyperUSB, HyperPacket, HyperArray, HyperLAN, HyperNET, HyperStream, HyperSIP, HyperVoIP, HyperAPI, HyperEngine, HyperCloud and Packetizer are all registered trademarks of OptiLogix.

OptiLogix products are used for voice recording, voice logging, call recording, call logging, call monitoring, mobile recording, phone recording, telephone recording, conversation recording, quality monitoring, legal interception and many other applications.


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May 17, 2024 –   Our HyperArray systems come standard with hot-swap redundant Power Supplies. Combined with our hot-swappable TDM / Analog to IP streaming...

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Apr 19, 2024 –   OptiLogix now has added a new model HyperUPC card to its portfolio. It offers 8 channels of Analog handset, trunk, Vox and Radio recording in a...

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